Reflexology is a form of natural healing which has been practiced for centuries. It gently and effectively maintains health, while building up the body's immunity and resistance to disease. It is an excellent antidote to stress and therefore, eases stress related conditions. Relaxation is a prerequisite for health. Reflexology is capable of inducing the Alpha State of Relaxation, which unclutters the mind and opens it to tranquility. It is the most serene level at which healing can effectively take place. Your response is not related to the severity of any disorders but to the faith in your body's own healing abilities.

Most start life with the potential for good health. Most illness is the result of improper maintenance of the body. The resulting imbalance creates a buildup of toxins in the system, which inhibits the free flow of energy essential to our well-being. Reflexology relaxes the body, releases an unrestricted flow of vitality and restores balance, encouraging the bodies own healing system to take over. After a reflexology session, the body feels recharged.

The application of specific hand, thumb and finger techniques to reflex points on the feet provides renewed physical space and emotional strength - there is a free flow of energy in the body, which, in turn activates healing forces. It is this energy that improves cooperation and coordination between the bodily systems.

The staff at The Center for Universal Reflexology is dedicated to providing a quality education for people from all walks of life. It is our mission to provide a space for you to grow and the tools that will assist your growth. Our program of competency-based learning experiences helps to ensure students will master the knowledge and skills to become successful practitioners.

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